Who Is A Marlian

What You Need To Know About Marlians.

Marlians is a word originated in African, which means people who are not afraid While the urban meaning of this popular slang which is common among the Nigerians is A marlian is any real follower of the controversial Nigerian singer, Naira Marley. A marlian must love a controversial lifestyle, not giving a fu*k what anyone says about you.A marlian must have no mannaz! not only that you must do whatever naira Marley does, abiding by the state of being marlians means you must lack manners and do things as you please, such as everyone wears belt as a marlians you don’t wear belt, dressing shirtless are some of the rules of the marlians, simply been rugged in person and fearless.

According to the urban dictionary, A Marlian is any real follower of the controversial Nigerian singer, Naira MarleyDJ .

On the surface, this definition seems to cover what it is to be a Marlian but doesn’t cut it for true Marlians. A Marlian is a Naira Marley stan — true Marlians follow and obey the lifestyle and tenets.

The original Marley was a Jamaican singer and songwriter Bob Marley (6 February 1945–11 May 1981). Bob Marley was a fighter and a lover of freedom. He joined the Rastafarian movement which emerged in Jamaica in the 1930s. Rastafari, also known as Rastafarianism, is an Abrahamic religion that developed in Jamaica during the 1930s.

It is classified as both a new religious movement and a social movement by scholars of religion. Bob Marley joined the movement in regards to using “wisdom weed” that had grown on the grave of Solomon. Bob Marley believed in positivity and oneness and he’s known for many of his wisdom filled quotes like “Who are you to judge the life I live?” Some may say Bob Marley was the first true Marlian based on his lifestyle and beliefs. In 2019, amidst the economic and political tensions plaguing Nigeria, a certain Azeez Fashola popularly known as Naira Marley came into the spotlight. He was filled with controversies has he had a lot of issues with the EFFC. His single, “Am I a Yahoo Boy ” which had a lot to say about the societal expectations in this age and practices of the federal government, solidified the Marlian ideals. When the term “Marlian” was first coined is unclear but following his release from jail, Naira Marley released a new song “Opotoyi (Marlians) ” dedicated to his fans. Naira Marley does not approve of the use of drugs which is found as a characteristic in certain Marlians.

Marley’s influence on society is yet to be discerned as positive or negative, what is clear though is that he has provided acceptance for a set of people who until now barely had a voice, Marlians are currently one of the biggest groups, what they’ll do with the spotlight and they are “no mannaz” lifestyle is yet to be seen, but their President Naira Marley has proved to be infallible because his faults, in fact, are what define him. Individuals can choose to appreciate Naira Marley’s music, but it’s been proven that it takes much more to be a Marlian.



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